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Who are you and what do you do in your band?

INFECTED CHAOS consistst of the two guitarist Matthias Mayr and Martin Hartmann, bassman Florian Betz, drummer Christoph Raggl and I am the vocalist, Christian Fischer.

When/where was your band formed? 

Our band in this constellation was formed mid 2013 from the remnants of passed away band “Chaosreign” in Southern Germany, respectively Northern Austria; we´re a multicultural band, so to say. Christoph Raggl and me completed the broken line-up and due to the new situation a new name was needed, so we called ourselves INFECTED CHAOS!

Why did you choose to play Death Metal?

What else should we play??? Death Metal fuckin´ rules!!! Only death is real!

How do you compose your music? Does only one guy do everything or does everyone contribute?

Our guitarists Matt and Martin are composing most parts of our songs but fine tuning happens as complete band in our rehearsal room, where Florian and Christoph are adding their patterns and everything is arranged while the lyrics are completely written by me. I add my vocal arrangements when the songs are complete.
The recordings for our album were all done by ourselves, mainly Matt. Christoph Brandes at well known Iguana Studios then finally delivered fantastic work when mixing and mastering the whole stuff. And Martin designed this awesome lyric video for Wolves in thy Pantheon which can be seen on Youtube.

Tell us about your lyrics, writing, inspiration etc.

Our debutalbum mainly deals with suppression by greedy authorities, the downfall of world due to the exploitation of resources and people but also the resistance and fight against it. For completion there are also songs telling of death, the inner struggle that life demands from time to time and also a fucking love song! Yeah, a love song for death metal! Find out for yourself!
I´m mostly inspired by daily life. You just have to watch the news for example. Of course there are great authors in horror/fantasy-genre and also great poets within the metal scene that have an influence on the words i choose.

Is there an ideology behind your band?

We do not follow any entities, political tendencies or religious crap. So maybe our ideology is just to be true to oneself and always be critical and recalcitrant.

How do you see the state of Death Metal music these days in your country and in general?

Especially the German Death Metal scene is just exploding these days. Great new albums of every colour you can imagine seem to be released every single day. It´s great to see a pulsating and creative underground where financial aspects don´t matter and talented musicians are just into it for the sake of death metal. It feels awesome to be a part of it. Must be kinda like in the 80´s when metal had its golden decade.

What are your long term plans as a band? What do you want to achieve?

Seriously, how big can an extreme metal act become? We are writing music we like, we need to express ourselves and have fun doing this! The next step is the release of “The Wake of Ares” on March 27th by our label Metalmusic Austria.  At the moment we´re working on our second album, which hopefully can be released in summer 2016. Of course we hope to have a lot of gigs, maybe also some festivals. So, bookers, if you read this and like what you hear, contact us!

Name an other Death Metal band from your country that everyone should hear.

Tough one... There are too many that deserve to be mentioned. But from Germany definitelly Deserted Fear, Necros Christos and Revel in Flesh. For Austria I would pick our labelmates Void Creation, In Slumber and of course the mighty Pungent Stench!

Free word.

The metal scene lives from loyalty, so get your asses up, go to the concerts and support the underground!

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