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Who are you and what do you do in your band?

We are Purtenance from Nokia, Finland. Promised town of communists, mentally insane and religious nuts!! Harri Salo beats drums, Juha Rannikko handles lead guitar, Ville Nokelainen plays second guitar and also keyboards and Ville Koskela abuses bass and shouts out his demons.

When/where was your band formed?

Purtenance was originally formed back in 1989. After five years we went to hibernation and in 2011 we awakened from slumber with slightly different lineup.

Why did you choose to play Death Metal?

It was and still is something so unique and brutal form of music that can’t be compared to any other.

How do you compose your music? Does only one guy do everything or does everyone contribute?

We all participate when we write new music. Junnu usually has most new riffs but everybody else also can and have had their riffs in songs. And when it comes to arrangements everybody brings their own twisted touch to the songs and it forms our music.

Tell us about your lyrics, writing, inspiration etc.

Back in the days, old vocalist Timo Häyrinen used to make lyrics, they usually told stories, that were both dark and mystic and Ville Koskela writes lyrics nowadays, with still the same essence included. There isn’t better inspiration to write something, but to just look outside with your eyes opened, world is a rotten and strange place to live and to write about.

Is there an ideology behind your band?

What comes to band, no, there is no ideology, but what comes to people in it, we have totally different kind of opinions, views and thought about things, but we still manage to get along with each other. We do share some views so those few things glue us together and we can have conversations about the things (or sometimes not!) we do not agree.

How do you see the state of Death Metal music these days in your country and in general?

Death metal in general has a new golden ago going. Lot of bands, new and old ones, spreading their filthy tunes across the land and it is a very positive thing. It is starting to feel it is the 90' again!

What are your long term plans as a band? What do you want to achieve?

We plan things in our band approximate for one year ahead. Now we are releasing new album, called ”…to Spread the Flame of Ancients” and this is what we are going to do now: play as many shows as we can and spread the flame! What comes after this, we don’t know yet, but time will tell it to us.

Name an other Death Metal band from your country that everyone should hear.

Hmmm… Though one, cause there is so many good bands around, but if we can only name one, it should be Shrapnel Storm! Even thou they hate this but Shrapnel Storm plays some good old school, Bolt Thrower stylish death metal with what they freaking destroy!!

Free word.

Short stories are the best… STAY TRUE, STAY BRUTAL!!

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