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Who are you and what do you do in your band?

We are Amputory consisting of 5 members, which are: Jarno-Vocals, Saku-Lead guitar, Antti-Rhythm guitar, Pekka-Bass, Jaakko-Drums

When/where was your band formed? 

The band was formed 2009 in Kerava, Finland by Saku and Pekka, former members of Pestigore. Other members joined in soon after, and after that the line-up has been more or less consistent.

Why did you choose to play Death Metal?

We choose to play Death Metal because there is enough cross-over (black/death,death/doom etc.) metal going on at the moment. We just stick to Death Metal, and leave all other influences out. We are not re-inventing the wheel here, just delivering the goods.

How do you compose your music? Does only one guy do everything or does everyone contribute?

The songs are usually formed as a group during band rehearsals, but the bulk of the riffs are from Saku´s fingers.

Tell us about your lyrics, writing, inspiration etc.

The very darkest side of humanity. Clive Barker etc. have inspired the lyrics but mostly it's about real life horror such as famine, war, serial killers and genocide.

Is there an ideology behind your band?

Our ideology is just to spread the putrid stench of death all around the metal community. Only death is real.

How do you see the state of Death Metal music these days in your country and in general?

.Death Metal has really risen up it´s ugly head again after years of mediocre bullshit. There´s a lot of great, new, inspiring Death Metal bands all around the world in 2015, also here in Finland. Just getting stronger by the day....

What are your long term plans as a band? What do you want to achieve?

We don't have any grand, long term plans as such...we just want to deliver crushing Death Metal as much, and as long as we can.

Name an other Death Metal band from your country that everyone should hear.

.Well...theres too many to mention really, but if someone reading this hasn´t heard Hooded Menace, Swallowed or Corpsessed, yet , check them out!

Free word

Keep the scene alive, Kill all posers! Fuck it, VENOM!  Ostakaa meidän levyjä!!!!

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